Korea boasts more than 5,000 years of ancient history and 500 years of pre-modern history during the Joseon Dynasty. Located in Northeast Asia, the peninsula of Korea is surrounded by water on three sides and is comprised of 70% mountainous terrain. Korea enjoys a four season climate with beautiful natural landscapes across the country.


10 Must-do things in autumn


10 Must-do things in winter


10 Must-do things in spring

After the cold and colorless winter, spring is a welcome sight. Starting as early as March, the cold winds and freezing temperatures of winter begin to subside as spring draws near. The various bright and colorful flowers throughout the country create a stunning view at every turn. The sweet scent of blossoms permeates the air in both the heart of the city and the quietest of rural villages, making spring the best time to visit Korea. To make the most of this magical time of growth and renewal, read on to learn about what you can look out for in Korea during spring.


10 Must-do things in summer

Summer is a time for fun vacations and outings with family and friends. Although Korea has an abundance of attractions throughout the seasons, the best time to visit Korea is in the summer between June – August, when the country is replete with events and festivals that are sure to please all your senses! Whether you’re into natural attractions or man-made excitement, it will be easy to cross things off your to-do list thanks to dozens of choices to choose from. Read on to make your summer getaway even more unforgettable this year with these incredible places.