Korea boasts more than 5,000 years of ancient history and 500 years of pre-modern history during the Joseon Dynasty. Located in Northeast Asia, the peninsula of Korea is surrounded by water on three sides and is comprised of 70% mountainous terrain. Korea enjoys a four season climate with beautiful natural landscapes across the country.


When winter arrives in Korea, icy cold winds come with it. However, no matter how cold, there are certain sports that can only be enjoyed during the winter season. For instance, hiking spectacularly snow-capped mountains, camping under the glittery winter stars, and of course skiing and snowboarding, which are the highlights of winter sports. Skiers from around the world are attracted to Korea’s night skiing. Many ski resorts in the country stay open till dawn. The fun and excitement lasts through the night.


Ski Resorts in Korea

Looking for which ski resorts to head to in Korea? Here are some popular ski resorts located in Gangwon Province for your considerations:


Preparation for travelling to Korea during winter

  • Dress in layers: A thick coat is important as the outer layer. As temperature fluctuate indoors and outdoors, it is good to put on inner layers such as thermal wear, cardigans and stockings to allow convenience.
  • Wind/Water proof: Korea can be windy (or snowy) during winter hence a good coat that keeps you from the wind/snow is essential.
  • Portable heat: A coat coupled with extra heat packs can help keep the warm in you. It also comes in handy if you have ready vacuum flask (hot water) or warmer bag.
  • H2O: Winter in Korea can be really dry especially with heater indoors hence it is also important to keep yourself hydrate at all times. Good moisturizing cream and lip balm are must have in your bag.
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